Keeping Tablets Safe: The Story of Archelon Enclosures

Posted on: July 25th, 2014 by Archelon Enclosures

Archelon Enclosures tablet protection and cases

Tablet Technology is now apart of our daily life. Tablets are now treated as our lifeline to the world around us in both personal and business settings. It is for this reason that Archelon Enclosures was created.

What inspired the creation of the Archelon?

The creator of the Archelon got a call from a hotel in San Diego that had placed iPads in their Lobby Bar to encourage guests to order their own cocktails through a customized app. Soon after the implementation of the program, they realized that the iPads had a penchant for disappearing. A call was made to Motivational Systems, Inc., to see if we could provide a solution to secure their iPads. And voila! The Archelon was born! A sleek, sexy, and secure enclosure for the iPad®, allowing it to be placed in public spaces protecting it from theft or damage.

Why the name, Archelon?

The Archelon was named after a prehistoric sea turtle, the largest ever known to mankind. Lacking a hard shell, it relied on the strong skeletal frame that protected it without limiting performance. Much in the same way, the tough but open framework of the Archelon allows for secure protection without detracting from the modern sleek design of any computer tablet.

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