Libraries Continue to Turn the Technology Page

Posted on: November 4th, 2014 by Archelon Enclosures 1 Comment


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It is a natural phenomenon that libraries, long at the cutting edge of delivering information and media options to their stakeholders, are often the first point  of use for today’s tablet user and future tablet buyer.   The key role of libraries on campus and in the community as a dynamic destination to access the latest data, news and entertainment remains, even in the face of a consumer market swarming with mobile options.  Millions of visitors are flocking to libraries every day, just as so many library patrons still do for desktop internet access.  Rows and rows of internet terminals take up significant library space formerly granted to hard copy sources of information and other printed resources.

Technology trends, specifically the upsurge in electronic tablet usage, dictate that libraries faced with today’s challenging budget environment keep current as cost-effectively as possible.  That includes securing library assets such as the increasingly popular electronic tablet from misuse, loss and theft.  That is where Archelon comes in.


“When I was researching mounts for our iPad, I was looking for something durable enough to be used in the children’s area, locked down enough to prevent theft while still allowing us to use our iPad to promote early literacy. I found a couple of companies that fit some of our needs, but Archelon Enclosures gave us everything we wanted at a price that fit our budget.”-Jennifer Redford, Boise Public Library


At Archelon, we know that the need for tablet security in a children’s library area may differ from the tutoring center, which differs from electronic book check out.   Our product comes in a variety of designs depending on the library use, including a floor stand kiosk, table top mount, wall mount designs, and even mobile solutions.


With approximately 17,000 libraries in the U.S. alone, (Starbucks has a similar number of retail locations in the U.S.), Archelon is committed to the individual needs of this vital market.  We look forward to hearing about your library and your specific challenges today!


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