How the NFL’s use of tablets can be translated into efficiency within your company

Posted on: November 18th, 2014 by Archelon Enclosures

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As we are in the middle of the National Football League’s season, most Americans are glued to their televisions and Fantasy Football lineups. With all of the action on and off the field, it can be easy to overlook some minor changes on the sidelines. Coaches and players are now using tablet technology to review plays, film, and football schemes in-between drives.  The old ways of 3-ringed binders and film projectors are obsolete with the introduction of tablet technology and instantaneous feedback. However, the use of tablet technology does not end on the sidelines for these football players. NFL teams are replacing their old playbooks with tablets that they distribute amongst their players. Coaches can update game schemes, nutritional plans (tailored for each individual player), update team meetings, send out notifications, and provide instant feedback to their players. Tablet technology is changing the way that the NFL can train, manage, and care for their players.


How can this benefit business and companies? Simple, if you didn’t already know, a business is very similar to an NFL team. Everyone needs to be on the same page with clear and concise information and instructions.  The quicker an employee can receive feedback and instructions, the more efficient and effective their time will be at work. Tablets can be used for training employees, providing a central hub for communication, scheduling meetings and projects, as well as collaborating ideas. Just like the NFL, if a company can implement the use of tablet technology, they can become one harmonious unit of people all working towards the same goal.


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