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Tableside Ordering and Payment Processing to Increase Profits A Case Study of Gastronomic Proportions

Posted on: July 30th, 2016 by Archelon Enclosures


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Calzolaio Pasta Company is a popular Italian and Seafood restaurant located in the historic former Bass shoe factory overlooking Wilson Stream in Wilton, Maine, a small town of about 4,200 people. As a testament to its popularity, Calzolaio serves up to 4,000 meals in a month, almost as many as the entire population of Wilton.

During the warmer months, Calzolaio patrons can enjoy the outside patio with a lovely view of the lake and waterfall. Inside, the decor is elegantly rustic with string lights and beautiful Italian touches, and offers a private banquet room frequently used for local events.

Calzolaio cuisine, however, is anything but small town. It boasts brick oven style pizza dough choices in basic, organic multi grain or gluten-free, with gluten-free preparation available for 98 percent of its menu; homemade sauces and pasta including exceptional Italian dishes such as Tortellini Carbonnara; and celebrates Maine seafood with Maine lobster served fresh, as scampi or in a roll, and natural meats from Pineland Farms where livestock is raised humanely and naturally in a clean, stress free environment without the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones or animal by-products in the feed.

Tom and Rocell Marcellino are the owners of Calzolaio. They have been in the restaurant business their whole lives and offering this level of quality fare is important to them, personally, and they understand how much it is appreciated by their patrons. Over the years, Tom has extensively researched the latest technologies available for improving restaurant operations efficiency so they can offer the best dining experience to their patrons while improving the bottom line.

One of the best restaurant technologies Tom has seen in recent years is using a remote tablet to enter orders and process payments right at tableside, eliminating servers wasting time running back and forth to wait stations, the kitchen or payment terminals. Unfortunately, even the latest software upgrade of their old point-of-sale (POS) system wasn’t able to handle remote ordering on a tablet. Nevertheless, they decided to go forward with the transition.

Tom researched available POS systems with the capability of remote ordering tableside on a tablet, knowing they didn’t want a fully cloud-based system. “Cloud-based systems are not user friendly in a fast paced environment – every time an entry is made in the system or an order is placed, it has to go to the cloud and back. We have fiber optic tech here so our data speeds are very fast. Even with that, fully cloud-based systems are laggy,” Tom said.

After reviewing available POS systems to determine which one best met his criteria, Tom chose TouchBistro iPad POS solution. “Aside from being very user friendly both back- and front-of-house, TouchBistro is a hybrid – a fully integrated system in-house and cloud-based. All the operations of the system are in-house, but the reporting and credit card processing are done in the cloud. This gives you the best of both worlds. You have very quick turnaround when processing credit cards, and VERY quick processing between servers in-house when processing orders, and you can continue operations even if the internet goes down.”

Tom said the TouchBistro mobile POS installation was so easy he was able to do most of it himself, with the biggest part inputting the menu. Without having to pay any additional programming fees, they easily set up customized reports that matched the restaurant’s day-today operations and the way they manage the business. Using the item count down report he customized from a template, Tom was able to isolate where beer sales were literally leaking out.

“From the cover count report, where I can put any item on count down, I found out we were getting only 90 pints of beer per keg when we should have gotten 120. While I saw the bartenders charging everyone, I watched the beer literally going down the drain because it was too foamy. I checked the temperature on the beer and found it was eight degrees higher than it should have been. After I changed the setting and cleaned the lines, we got back up to 120 beers for every keg,” Tom said.

Although installed only a few months ago in January, Calzolaio is already seeing an increase of 12 to 14 percent in profit that Tom attributes the improved efficiency made possible by the TouchBistro iPad POS.

“Having tableside ordering reduces time and trips. As soon as the servers take the order, they can send them for preparation as they walk away and go to the next table and do that again. They can take the drinks and appetizers and food orders from a half dozen tables at once and press send without ever going back to the wait station or kitchen. You can have all those tables receiving drinks, deserts, food all at the same time,” Tom said. “I’ve estimated it saves a minimum of 15 minutes to half an hour per table. We have dramatically increased our sales in the last two months since we installed TouchBistro.”

Calzolaio also utilizes one of the several payment processors that are integrated with TouchBistro for fast tableside bill payment processing. This eliminated additional multiple trips for the wait staff, while improving security for the customers as their credit cards never had to leave their tables, and created an overall better customer experience.

“Servers leave the iPad Mini at the table so customers can sign on the screen, add the tip and choose to email a receipt to themselves if they want. We don’t worry about the customer going in and messing around with the iPad Mini because TouchBistro security is good and allows you to set up QR codes for managers and servers,” Tom said.

Fast, accurate bill payment processing is vital to patrons returning, Tom stressed. “The biggest point where restaurants fail miserably is when the customer has to wait when they want to go home. You can have the best service, the best food and the best drinks, but if it took too long for them to pay, everything before that is wasted because they are they are angry they had to wait when they wanted to leave. Paying at tableside on the iPad gets them an accurate bill and out fast.”

As iPads are sensitive pieces of equipment, Tom strongly recommends protecting them with Archelon Enclosures including the adapters that protect the credit card swiper. “Archelon Enclosures are the best because they are metal, tough as nails, and very stable. When servers are in a hurry, they end up hitting the iPad as hard as they can with their finger (touch is a euphemism). They don’t think about being gentle on the machine. They think about ordering their food properly as fast as they can,” Tom explained. “The Archelon Enclosures for the iPad have 4 feet with sticky pads so they don’t move around and fall over like other stands do when you hit them hard with your finger. The Archelon just sits there and takes it.”

Tom said they also use the Archelon wall mount enclosure in the kitchen to free up valuable counter space, and the built in swivel and tilt makes it very convenient for anyone to use. Archelons Enclosures was their first choice because of the rugged and sleek design.

Archelon POS System Products at Honeywell’s Interactive Event at CDW

Posted on: March 6th, 2014 by Archelon Enclosures
Emily of BlueStar demonstrates Archelon's enclosure as a part of an integrated POS system

Emily of BlueStar demonstrates Archelon's enclosure as a part of an integrated POS system

Archelon Enclosures participated in Honeywell’s recent Interactive Solutions Fair for the employees of Illinois-based CDW, an integrated information technology solutions provider.  The goal of the event was to showcase the Honeywell products by giving the CDW team a hands-on through interactive, tablet-based point-of-sale (POS) system stations.

Honeywell selected several partners to participate in the event including eMobilePOS, Samsung, Star Micronics and Archelon Enclosures, to just name a few.

“It was great to partner with all these fabulous vendors to showcase a full solution,” Jason Manguba, regional channel manager, Honeywell Scanning and Mobility, said. ”We covered all verticals from retail and warehouse to healthcare!”

Throughout the event, participants could see the functionalities of mobile technology in the following ways:

“Working with partners like Honeywell, Samsung, Star Printers and eMobilePOS gave the CDW employees a hands-on understanding of all the moving pieces involved in selling a mobile POS system,” said Debi Besmer, managing partner, Archelon. “It was a great interactive event that will help them better guide their customers in mobile technology purchasing decisions.”

Archelon Enclosures has tablet enclosures for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Tab 3 and will continue to develop enclosures as Samsung’s tablet line continues to evolve.

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4 Ways Tablet Kiosks Can Help Hotel Guests

Posted on: September 23rd, 2013 by Archelon Enclosures


Tablet kiosks and mounts are being increasingly used to secure iPads® at big names in the hospitality industry like Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, the Revere Hotel in Boston, the Plaza Hotel in New York City, the Kimpton Boutique Hotel in San Francisco, and the Hilton Worldwide Conrad hotels in Chicago and Miami. Tablet technology enhances the hotel guest experience by offering access to powerful information they might otherwise be without.

John Prusnick, Director of IT Innovation and Strategy for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, explained in an Apple case study that iPads help them create a “home away from home” for their guests. Hyatt owns 445 hotels in 45 countries and employs more than 80,000 employees worldwide.

“We’re also all about ‘high touch,’ meaning the interaction with the guest,” he said. “We’re enabling that with iPad. The combination of the two has been very powerful for us to reach that operational vision.”

Here are four ways that these hotels and others are using tablet kiosks to enhance guest experience:

    1. Digital signage and line-busting
      According to the Apple case study, Hyatt is using tablet kiosks and mounts to expedite the process of checking in and out, which can often be time-consuming. With iPads, guests can swipe their credit or debit cards, give their signature, check in or out of the hotel and even encode their key so they can go straight to their room. Streamlining these processes allows for quick customer service and, as a result, satisfied customers. Employees can spend more time meeting specific needs and requests instead of checking guests in and out.

      Prusnick pointed out that iPads would be especially useful at a convention center hotel where hundreds or thousands of people are waiting to check in or out at the same time. Tablet kiosks and mounts that allow guests to do it themselves break up long lines and speed up service. Also, when the concierge is busy, customers could begin researching their question at a tablet kiosk while waiting in line.

    2. Hotel booking
      Hilton Worldwide has iPads docked in the rooms at their Conrad hotel in Miami. The iPads include an app that allows guests to book spa treatments and restaurant reservations from their room. Hyatt Hotels are using iPads in their lobbies for similar reasons. Guests can also order room service or request wake up calls without having to pick up the phone.

      “If guests want to see what the spa looks like or book a golf tee time, they use iPad,” Prusnick said.

      John Wallis, Global Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy for the Hyatt Hotels Corporation, added that the small, portable device can be used by hotel employees to present crisp, digital images and display videos of the hotel’s highlights.

      “It’s a great tool to sell the hotel,” Wallis said. “Especially in this industry, where you’ve got to show bedrooms, banquet space, all the things we have to offer guests.”

    3. Directions and recommendations
      iPads can also be mounted at the concierge’s desk so that they are able to provide guests with quick and easy access to directions and recommendations of local dining and entertainment. Guests can get directions to the restaurant or to the theater. When the concierge is busy or away, guests can gain access to this information by using a tablet kiosk.

      The San Francisco-based Kimpton boutique hotel utilizes iPad kiosks in its lobby, and they plan to implement them in all of their locations across the United States. They allow guests to perform a variety of tasks such as reading restaurant and nightclub recommendations from hotel staffers.

    4. Personal use
      What hotel guests are really missing during their stay are their personal devices they left at home. While using them for hotel functions is highly beneficial, hotel guests also hope to use them to keep in touch with their family, friends and co-workers.

      The Revere Hotel in Boston has six wall-mounted iPads installed near the concierge desk for personal guest use – something they had planned since the opening of the hotel. Tablet kiosks enable hotel guests to perform personal tasks such as checking their social media sites and emails, sharing photos of their trip and printing out boarding passes before checking out and heading to the airport.

The portability, size and long battery life of the iPad, and the security and protection of iPad enclosures make them a winning combo for servicing customers around the hotel, around the clock.

Archelon Enclosures and Padvertisement Announce Strategic Partnership at HITEC this week

Posted on: June 28th, 2012 by Archelon Enclosures

SAN DIEGO, CA – Archelon Enclosures™ is named as the secure hardware solution for the launch of Padvertisement’s new concept in iPad® advertising in the hospitality industry.

After doing extensive research, Padvertismentnow has the secure solution necessary to increase the next-gen technology presence in the hospitality industry.  Padvertisment has created cutting edge advertisments via full-color HD slides on the iPad® tablet.  This technology is providing hotels, retail centers and other high-traffic locations with a full-screen, interactive, and highly engaging local and national marketing communication.  “The emergence of this kind of application is genius and being quickly embraced by companies seeking more visibility in the mediums that catch the eye of today’s consumer,” says Debi Besmer, Managing Partner of Archelon Enclosures, “Of course the dilemma has been how to actively protect the investment in iPads® while still giving customers full access to the functionality of the iPad®.  Archelon Enclosures meets and exceeds that need with a sleek design, high quality construction and attention to detail.”

Archelon Enclosures has a proven track record of securing computer tablets in public spaces such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, medical facilities, retail centers and much more.   Archelon’s industry-leading design offers total security, protection and durability with a sleek contour that preserves the tablet experience.

“We knew our customers loved our concept but we were tasked with finding a secure solution for the highly sought-after iPads® once they were prominently placed in public areas,” says Kevin Williams, COO and Co-Founder of Padvertisment, “We searched the market and Archelon Enclosures provided the very best product to the table, bar-none. Archelon protects our iPads® in style. Our recent technology merit award from HITEC 2012 speaks volumes about Archelon’s quality.”

Once the end-users have determined their needs, Archelon Enclosures can offer a variety of mounting methods from table-top, wall or floor stand for easy access to customers that may want to browse the offerings from Padvertisment.

Padvertisement Promo Video

Padvertisement™ catches the eyes of tourists, business travelers, employees and local visitors who frequent your businesses. It displays cutting edge advertisements as full- color HD slides on an iPad2 tablet. Tablets will be prominently located at the front desk of a busy hotel lobby or other high-traffic retail locations.

About Archelon Enclosures:

Archelon Enclosures is a Division of Motivational Systems, Inc. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Motivational Systems, provides graphic and interior design services, complete sign systems, and custom interior displays and furnishings to residential and commercial builders and developers. Our sales and information centers, sign programs, graphic design and architectural models are consistently honored with local, regional and national awards.  MSI is dedicated to being a contributing member of the communities in which they do business and provides an environment of opportunity for both client and employee to exceed their highest expectations. Motivational Systems was established in 1975.  For further information, please visit:  or