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Technical Services & Logistics Inc. Partners with Archelon Enclosures

Posted on: May 6th, 2014 by Archelon Enclosures


We value our partnerships and are very excited to have most recently added TSL, Technical Services & Logistics Inc. to our list of experienced resellers.

“We have enjoyed getting to know the impressive group of professionals at TSL and look forward to working together on future opportunities,” said Debi Besmer, Managing Partner at Archelon Enclosures.

“Technical Services & Logistics (TSL) is a privately held company founded by owner Jeff Collins.  Mr. Collins and his team are made up of experienced professionals in the technology and computer industry each with over 20 years’ experience.

TSL began with the purchasing and selling of product and eventually opened its own successful depot. TSL continued to grow and recently moved into a new 60,000+ square-foot facility in Anaheim, CA. Customizing its products to suit clients’ needs, TSL offers Deployment Services, Depot Repair, Advanced Logistics, Certified Disposal, End-of-Life Services, Short- Term Solutions, Staging and Integration and Value-Added Final Product Assembly.”

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What I did on my Spring Break….Archelon Enclosures for iPad and Tablet at TRANSACT14 in Vegas!

Posted on: April 24th, 2014 by Archelon Enclosures


Many spring breakers headed to Vegas to relax and unwind, splashing in the pool with an umbrella drink in hand.  Archelon Enclosures also headed to Vegas but for a different purpose…  to attend the Electronic Transactions Association’s (ETA) TRANSACT14 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center.   Although we didn’t need our sunscreen, the show was filled with “HOT” new topics and companies.  The event had thousands of attendees from over 1,000 companies in the global payment and transactions industry and it was exciting to discover what is new in the world of electronic transactions.  Keynote speakers included Ariel Barden, VP of Product Management, Payments at Google, Bill Sheedy, Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, M&A, Government Relations and Europe at Visa, and Paul Galant, Chief Executive Officer at VeriFone.

“This was my first year attending TRANSACT14” said Debi Besmer, Managing Partner of Archelon Enclosures, “The trade show floor was full of diverse solutions and new technology. I was particularly inspired by a Donation App called eGivings.”

eGivings is geared towards non-profit organizations who want to take accepting donations to the next level and step into the world of mobile technology.  eGivings’ products include text-to-give features, an app with features that work as donation kiosks, and an assortment of other features.  Non-profit organizations have already begun to join the trend in the use of mobile technology to enhance their organizations, and eGivings is yet another way that these types of organizations can use electronic transactions to further their causes.

For more information on eGivings, please visit them online at

Despite the fact that Archelon Enclosures wasn’t splashing in a pool or sipping on a drink with an umbrella decoration, we did enjoy our time in Vegas at TRANSACT14, powered by ETA. See you all next year!

Healthcare Technology: What a difference a year makes!

Posted on: March 9th, 2014 by Archelon Enclosures
Debi Besmer of Archelon Enclosures Meets a Princess at HIMSS 2014, Healthcare Technology Show

Debi Besmer of Archelon Enclosures Meets a Princess at HIMSS 2014, Healthcare Technology Show

Archelon Enclosures recently returned from a successful HIMSS 2014. HIMSS is an annual healthcare technology conference that brings together over 37,000 healthcare rock-stars from around the world.  The event featured exceptionally-well-known & knowledgeable keynote speakers, and, our favorite, the newest and greatest healthcare IT products in the world.

We weren’t surprised to see the rapid pace that technology has evolved since HIMSS 2013.

Advances in medical equipment cart technology impressed us at HIMSS. Anthro Technology, a leading designer of furniture for technological use, displayed an impressive array of medical equipment carts. Their display included their Zido fixed-height cart, pictured here.


Anthro Technology Furniture cart, featured at HIMSS 2014, Healthcare Technology Show

Anthro Technology Furniture cart, featured at HIMSS 2014, Healthcare Technology Show


Other advances in medical technology include EMR and mHealth, which are now common practice. EMR and mHealth give healthcare professionals the needed tools to improve the quality of patient care.

Archelon is thrilled to be moving forward with our technology to keep pace with new mobility trends.

What will be next in healthcare technology?  We are confident that researchers and innovators are hard at work developing the next revolution in healthcare technology and we’re looking forward to being a part of it!


Click here to learn more about Anthro Technology Furniture.


Archelon POS System Products at Honeywell’s Interactive Event at CDW

Posted on: March 6th, 2014 by Archelon Enclosures
Emily of BlueStar demonstrates Archelon's enclosure as a part of an integrated POS system

Emily of BlueStar demonstrates Archelon's enclosure as a part of an integrated POS system

Archelon Enclosures participated in Honeywell’s recent Interactive Solutions Fair for the employees of Illinois-based CDW, an integrated information technology solutions provider.  The goal of the event was to showcase the Honeywell products by giving the CDW team a hands-on through interactive, tablet-based point-of-sale (POS) system stations.

Honeywell selected several partners to participate in the event including eMobilePOS, Samsung, Star Micronics and Archelon Enclosures, to just name a few.

“It was great to partner with all these fabulous vendors to showcase a full solution,” Jason Manguba, regional channel manager, Honeywell Scanning and Mobility, said. ”We covered all verticals from retail and warehouse to healthcare!”

Throughout the event, participants could see the functionalities of mobile technology in the following ways:

“Working with partners like Honeywell, Samsung, Star Printers and eMobilePOS gave the CDW employees a hands-on understanding of all the moving pieces involved in selling a mobile POS system,” said Debi Besmer, managing partner, Archelon. “It was a great interactive event that will help them better guide their customers in mobile technology purchasing decisions.”

Archelon Enclosures has tablet enclosures for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Tab 3 and will continue to develop enclosures as Samsung’s tablet line continues to evolve.

Click here to learn more about Honeywell.

Click here to learn more about CDW.

Archelon Product Spotlight: Archelon AIR Enclosure for the New iPad Air

Posted on: February 25th, 2014 by Archelon Enclosures
Archelon AIR Table Top Enclosure

Archelon AIR Table Top Enclosure

The team at Archelon Enclosures always strives to move forward with each exciting innovation that occurs in the field of tablet technology. We do this by following top trends, investigating new markets, and designing new enclosures when the demand is created by a new tablet product.

We are excited to announce that we have launched our newest enclosure for the iPad AIR.  Staying true to our brand, the Archelon AIR Enclosure secures and protects the iPad with the sleek stylish look that complements the tablet.

Our Archelon AIR Enclosure will be familiar to you because we leveraged our existing EXO design featuring our patented tri-axial swivel.  We listened to our customers and enhanced the product by adding a lock and key component to easily access the table, yet keep it very secure.

Archelon AIR Secure Flip Back View

Archelon AIR Secure Flip Back View

Full Archelon AIR Features Include:

-Models available: Table Top, Secure Flip, Wall Mount, Floor Stand kiosk
-Patented Tri-Axial Swivel Allows Movement in multiple planes, including up & down, side to side, & landscape and portrait view (180 degree flip available in Secure Flip model)
-Hinged faceplate with lock & key allows easy assembly and accessibility to insert or remove your iPad Air from the enclosure
-Open Access to rear and front cameras
-Cord management canal secures charging cable with placement hooks
-Commercial-grade enclosure with a sleek, lightweight design
-Compatible with iPad Air ONLY
-Color: Black

Please contact us with any questions regarding our new AIR product line.

Thank you for your support as Archelon Enclosures continues to grow in our business.

Archelon in Action: Archelon Enclosures Protect Recovery Sports Grill’s iPads at the Host Stand

Posted on: February 3rd, 2014 by Archelon Enclosures
Archelon in Action at Recovery Sports Grill Host Stand 2


Life in a restaurant moves quickly. Restaurateurs want to consistently exceed guest expectations with seating, service, and their food & beverage offerings. They don’t want to worry about their hardware or software systems in the middle of service- they only want to worry about taking care of their guests.

It was great to hear our hardware solution is doing just that…. eliminating the worry! We recently got a call from Colin Wixson, from the Recovery Sports Grill division of BBL Hospitality, informing us that our Archelon Enclosures were helping Recovery Sports Grills provide guests with a top-notch experience every day.


Archelon in Action at Recovery Sports Grill Host Stand 2


Our Archelons in Action are located at their host stands, enabling the hosts to use the iPads for seating arrangements, and adding a stylish, sleek look and feel to the already great atmosphere of the Recovery Sports Grills.

Here’s to another example of exceeded expectations with Archelons in Action at the Recovery Sports Grills!


The Recovery Sports Grill is a privately held sports-themed restaurant group owned and operated by BBL Hospitality. The Recovery Sports Grill started as the Recovery Room Sports Grill, a single location across from the Albany Medical Center… The restaurant would cater to the local sports buffs, but also serve as an escape for those who were at the hospital during a trying time. It would be their place to “recover.” There are currently restaurant locations in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia, with more in development.
BBL Hospitality is a multi-brand hotel and restaurant company that owns, operates, and develops facilities along the east coast of the United States. The hospitality division is the newest addition to the BBL Family of Companies.


Archelon Enclosures is proud to hear how our Enclosures are helping businesses in every industry secure their valuable iPad investments with a sleek enclosure that pairs high class security with high class style. Archelons in Action are spotted every day all over the world. Where will you spot an Archelon in Action next?
Please email any Archelon in Action sightings to

‘What’s In It For Me?’ Why VARs Should Sell iPad® Accessories

Posted on: October 28th, 2013 by Archelon Enclosures

Retailers and restaurant owners want to find a state-of-the-art iPad point of sale (POS) solution that is integrated and easy to use. Mobile POS resellers want to be a one-stop shop for their cutting-edge clients, offering iPad and tablet accessories that will complete their system. So it’s in everyone’s best interest – bundling accessories for the customers’ convenience and generating additional revenue for resellers  –  to provide charging bases, card readers, receipt printers and enclosures along with their iPad POS software.

Vertical Systems Reseller (VSR) magazine recommends that VARs strive “not just to be a reseller, but to truly be that trusted advisor to (your) customers.” This means that in addition to selling hardware, a VAR should provide the accessories and services that are crucial to operating it.

Customers making the transition from traditional POS systems to iPad POS – implementing, training, deploying and maintaining a new technology – don’t want any added hassle. By offering them all of the accessories needed to operate their new devices, you are saving them from having to search the market for accessories that may or may not be compatible and ideal in their environment. By helping them save money and time, you can create a happy, loyal customer – one that could eventually recommend your services to another business or even provide you with a testimonial.

Here are some iPad accessories and the benefits of each:

To charge their devices while using them, customers can use a charging dock or base that is included in their purchase. Wall chargers make it difficult for users to continue using the device while it is charging. In a restaurant or store setting, they don’t have enough down time to leave their iPad POS system plugged into the wall. Docks and bases provide a sturdy surface for iPads, while also increasing  battery life. The last thing your customers want is for their iPad to die in the middle of a shift. They also allow you to keep your counter organized by minimizing the amount of cables and cords the device requires.

Enclosures are ideal for POS applications because they are more durable than Apple covers and smart cases, and offer just as much (if not more) mobility. Although some Apple cases allow users to prop up their device, they are not sturdy enough of a solution to be used in a restaurant or retail store – whereas enclosures can come in the form of mounts, stands and kiosks, all protected in a lock-and-key frame. Enclosures can also come in designs and colors to complement their environment. By offering this POS hardware, VARs can give their customers a competitive edge.

Small, detachable card readers can be easily broken, lost or damaged. It is important to have a card reader that you can count on. Many enclosure providers offer an adapter kit that holds the card reader in place. This allows the reader to be secure in the enclosure, so that it won’t suffer any damage. Enclosures with card readers can be easily integrated with POS software for easy set-up and use.

In light of the mobile POS movement, many modern printer and cash drawer manufacturers are beginning to develop MFi-certified, or “made for iOS,” hardware that can be operated wirelessly through Ethernet or Bluetooth, making them ideal for iPad POS systems. MFi-certified printers allow for wireless printing from Apple iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or Bluetooth – no cords necessary. Both pieces of POS hardware can increase the mobility and functionality of your customers’ iPad POS systems.

“The ability for a solution provider to offer fully integrated solutions that tie together not only the printer, but other devices, creates opportunities that will produce long and short-term advantages over the competition,” Executive Vice President of Citizen Systems America Victor Barczyk said in last month’s issue of VSR.

“VARs should proactively recommend solutions to their customers that will increase their business efficiencies, and make the adoption process of new technologies a simple and straightforward experience for the customer,” Barczyk added.  “To be the integration subject matter expert is a value to everyone in the sales cycle.”