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"Protect your investment with a functional and secure iPadĀ® enclosure, knowing that your iPadĀ® will stay exactly where you intended."

Want to be a Reseller?

Our Reseller Program is designed to provide an attractive margin while delivering a quality product. Whether you will be selling the enclosure alone or packaged with your software solution, our enclosures will be a top seller providing your customers with the most user-friendly, secure, hardware solution. 

Our commitment is to be “outside of the box” thinkers, staying one step ahead of the demand by providing new, creative, enclosures that deliver not only the customer’s needs, but also their wants.

Our Team will provide your Company with the following invaluable tools and service:

  • Product on the shelves, never “out of stock”.
  • Efficient and reliable customer service, we take pride in our quick response. 
  • Fast shipping.
  • Marketing tools for your success, including photos, logos, general collateral and a field unit.
  • Simple and easy to understand stocking and non-stocking reseller agreements.
  • We stand behind our product with a one year manufacturer's warranty.  All of our enclosures are made in the USA.

Our Reseller Program will complement any business model.   Take advantage of this new revenue source and become a strategic partner of Archelon Enclosures. 

We look forward to working with you and your team!.

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All orders should be sent to order@archelonenclosures.com. The preferred method of ordering is through a Purchase Order (PO). If you do not have a PO system, please make sure to use the product ID #’s to ensure the correct products are shipped.

State Reseller Tax Number
Some Companies have a State Reseller Tax Number. This number ensures that no tax is charged to the Reseller from Archelon Enclosures at the time of purchase and the tax will be carried down to the purchaser. If your Company has a State Reseller Tax Number and you did not provide this on your Reseller Agreement, please make sure to e-mail or call your Account Manager to add this to your Reseller Agreement. 

Marketing Materials
We have multiple marketing materials that can be provided upon request. Whether you need web store-ready images, specs or logos; we have them!

Below is our Reseller toolkit.  If there is anything you need that is not listed below, please let us know!

Thank you for choosing to be a part of our Reseller program! As a Reseller for Archelon Enclosures you get a unique opportunity to sell an innovative product to enhance a users’ iPad experience

Archelon Photo Album

Archelon "White-Label" Sales Sheet

Archelon Style Guide

Credit Card Authorization Form

Archelon Logo Black and White

Archelon Logo Color

Archelon EXO Product Specification Sheet

Archelon EXO Instruction Manual

Archelon EXO Rack Card

Archelon EXO Product List