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"iPad’s are the new hip things in restaurants and bars, but we were concerned about theft…Archelon was a great find for us!"

Custom Enclosures

Archelon Enclosures leads the industry in providing secure, tamper-proof tablet enclosures.  Our in-house Design Team has over 50 years of design experience combined.  Their expertise is not limited to the iPad®, they can quickly and efficiently design and manufacture a custom secure enclosure for ANY tablet.  


  • The great thing about having our facilities in the USA is that we have complete access and control over design, production and lead time.
  • Our forward-thinking team can create a custom enclosure for any tablet to compliment your branding initiative thru function and design. 
  • The process begins with a planning meeting to ensure our innovative designers have a complete understanding of how the tablet will be used and the best solution to integrate it into your Company’s business model, all while being cost-efficient.
  • Our lead designer works closely with our engineering team to produce 3D renderings that are accurate representations of the enclosures.
  • Finally, our quality control guidelines ensure that every Archelon that leaves our shop meets and exceeds our high standards delivering your expectations.  

Our superior quality products make us the perfect choice for custom enclosures in the market.