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Why The Name

What inspired the creation of the Archelon?

The creator of the Archelon got a call from a hotel in San Diego that had placed iPads in their Lobby Bar to encourage guests to order their own cocktails through a customized app. Soon after the implementation of the program, they realized that the iPads had a penchant for disappearing. A call was made to Motivational Systems, Inc., to see if we could provide a solution to secure their iPads. And voila! The Archelon was born! A sleek, sexy, and secure enclosure for the iPad®, allowing it to be placed in public spaces protecting it from theft or damage.

Why the name, Archelon?

The Archelon was named after a prehistoric sea turtle, the largest ever known to mankind. Lacking a hard shell, it relied on the strong skeletal frame that protected it without limiting performance. Much in the same way, the tough but open framework of the Archelon allows for secure protection without detracting from the modern sleek design of any computer tablet.

Who We Are

Who is Archelon Enclosures?

Archelon Enclosures is a Division of Motivational Systems, Inc. (MSI). Established in 1975, MSI's portfolio of products and services has grown tremendously over the last 35 years. With vast expertise in environmental graphic sign programs (residential and commercial), scale models, weekend service and interactive display programs; MSI serves customers coast-to-coast with Divisions throughout the Southwest and the Corporate Headquarters located just south of downtown San Diego, California.

The true entrepreneurial spirit is a strong part of the MSI culture. With over three decades of being in business, of course some things have changed, but the spirit and attitude have remained the same. MSI continues to create opportunities and build relationships. Archelon Enclosures has embraced MSI's culture and philosophy by creating opportunities and building relationships. We believe in our Company Philosophy to be FAIR to our clients, co-workers, vendors, and ourselves. Fairness, Attitude, Integrity, Respect are the foundation to all our success.


Debi Besmer, Managing Partner


Debi knows a great idea when she sees one and the opportunity of Archelon Enclosures immediately sparked her interest. Besmer's background is in the hospitality industry and her philosophical belief that the "customer rocks" was harmonious to Archelon Enclosure's core values. She's a high-energy motivator, a change agent and an overall strategic thinker. Her instinctive marketing talents, combined with her ability to garner buy-in from stake holders, inspires optimal performance.

Besmer loves to travel, recently to multiple countries in Europe, to further study the International marketplace, adding yet another facet to her already diverse experience. Her approach to leadership is characterized by infectious optimism and she looks to the future with positive aspirations in this ever-changing world. Her favorite things in life begin with the letter "H" – Humor, Hardware (as in the Archelon),Home-cooked meals, Health, Heaven, and Harleys!

Robert Young, President

robert_236 Robert Young established Motivational Systems, Inc. in 1975.  Bob’s commitment to providing the highest quality product and service has elevated the company to one of the most recognized firms of its kind in the Western United States.  In 2010, Bob saw an opportunity in secure enclosures and ran with it. His entrepreneurial style has been recognized on a local level by the Rotary Club of National City (“Business Person of the Year”), by the local YMCA (“Golden Triangle of Distinguished Service”), and on a national level by the United States Small Business Administration where he was recognized as the “Small Business Person of the Year.” In his time off Bob enjoys spending time with his family, sailing, and checking out the local restaurant and bar scene.

Michael Bostater, Lead Designer/Product Development

michael_249 Michael (Mike) Bostater has been designing for the past 15 years. He began designing packaging for a custom box company in San Diego. For 5 years, Mike was the Manager of Motivational System's iTour Division which created interactive displays for homebuilding. He took his skills from design and his skills in technology, melded them together to create the Archelon! Mike has a degree in Computer Aided Drafting and spends his time designing new things every day. Mike often comes up with some of his best ideas while enjoying craft beers at his favorite drinking establishments around San Diego County.

Jenna Young-Christensen, Division Manager

jenna_249 Jenna Young-Christensen joined the Archelon team after spending 11 years in Employee Relations with Motivational Systems. Jenna brings a wealth of experience in business and management and has been a great asset to the team. Jenna’s natural talent of finding creative solutions and researching the “new & cool” makes her the perfect person to manage our Reseller Program. Our VIP accounts love Jenna’s enthusiasm and willingness to help.  She has been known to have a magic “fix-it” wand.  Jenna’s talents outside of the office are many, but when she’s not spending time with her husband Gary & son Caleb, she’s busy being a freelance make-up artist.

Jesse Gonzales, Shipping Manager

  Jesse Gonzales makes sure your Archelons get to you when you want them! He served as Motivational Systems "go-to" guy for the past 12 years. He’s a former Platoon Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps and brings the responsibility and honor he learned serving in the military to our shipping department. He prefers to stay behind the scenes…at the mention of staff photos, Jesse went M.I.A.