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"iPad’s are the new hip things in restaurants and bars, but we were concerned about theft…Archelon was a great find for us!"

Using Tablet Technology as part of your Point-Of-Sale (POS) Solution?

What’s Beyond the Cool Factor?


Yes, using a tablet for your Point-of-Sale (POS) solution is super cool, but there has to be more to it than just that. The POS systems of the past were bulky and expensive. Thankfully, we have computer geniuses that transformed the “then POS” and revolutionized tablet technology to the “now POS”. Advances in technology have made it possible for restaurant and retail owners to efficiently manage the entire workflow of the front-of-house and the back-of-house using a computer tablet, and BONUS:  it can be managed all while relaxing in the comfort of their home. Simply amazing!

If you’re considering the use of tablet technology for your POS solution, you’ll want to consider several factors. At the top of the list is, “How do I secure my iPad so it doesn’t walk out the front door?” The Archelon™, of course! If you’re using tablet technology as your POS solution, Archelon Enclosures is your investment protector.

Now that you know you can protect your tablet, here are just a few of the benefits of using a computer tablet as your POS solution:

1) Cost savings, a traditional point-of-sale system can cost upwards of $20,000. Now, you can provide a complete POS system using a computer tablet under $1,000 (plus a monthly maintenance fee). Whether your business has a hip clientele that is expecting you to stay ahead of the “cool curve” or you just want to increase your customer service experience; using a tablet as your point-of-sale system can provide real bottom line benefits in terms of cost savings.

2) Elevate your Customer Service, by using custom apps.  iPads and other computer tablets can do something that other POS systems can't.  With a swipe of a finger, you can easily feature what your business has to offer, from a complete menu including recipes, calorie content and photos, to a full catalogue of your merchandise, showing sizes and inventories. A perfect blend of the  “shopping” and “buying” experience! 

3) Ease of the Sale. Having a mobility feature with your POS system allows the salespeople to make a sale right on the spot while a customer is fully engaged with the merchandise.  There is always the risk of losing the sale when you simply direct them to the cash register. Today’s busy shopper may not always have the time to wait in a line, which is another possibility of an abandoned sale.

4) Savvy Selling Strategy. Keep your employees on the floor! Shoppers now have resources at their fingertips with mobile apps allowing them to compare products, prices and reviews. Keep your shoppers from leaving the store by having your employees available to interact instead of standing behind a register.

5) The ease of training. All employees need training before you trust them with your business.  Training is also your greatest expense with a new-hire.  The wonderful thing about tablet technology is that the navigation is so easy, you will find that employees of all ages and tech backgrounds are willing and eager to embrace the change. 

6) Save a Tree (or a Forest). Receipts can now be emailed to customers or uploaded to password-protected websites. More and more customers are accepting electronic receipts, seeing them both as more convenient and less wasteful of resources.